Our Artists

Sarina Saletta

Sarina Saletta is a talented contemporary metal worker & furniture designer. Her pieces have a minimalist architecture, edgy feel that’s a little racy that translates into her work. She enjoys being able to identify with and present her authentic self through her work.

Parker Thornton

Parker Thornton is a visual artist and creative nomad from Austin, Texas. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, combining photography, drawing & painting to share visual stories of his experiences in nature and the deeper meanings of life from his unique perspective.

Grace O'Hara

Grace O'Hara is a broom maker in Nevada City, CA whose heart opened to the beauty that the humble broom can carry when made with real materials and with an artistic vision. May her tools bring magic and delight to your space and to your tidying up.

lily swab

Lily Swab is a passionate multi-media artist from Tulsa, OK. Relying heavily on the use of water for an unconventional technique, her work is minimal yet complex in its execution. Her goal is to take what’s buried within—and often too heavy to confront—and make it into something quite the opposite. Each piece reflects an inner dialogue which mirrors that of her own during the time of its creation.

Ben Richards

Ben Richards is a candle maker from Green Bay, WI who lives by the ethos: "it is my duty to subtly remind people they are alive". Ben believes the art of experience is the curation of all senses to compliment each other, creating one unique feeling. UPPERWEST candles were designed to deliver a special feeling and an experience that bring people to their happy place. Home.

Jessica thompson

Feline Objects is a pet furniture company created by pet lovers, for pet lovers. FO offers thoughtfully designed pieces that keep your animals cozy and happy while harmonizing with your interiors. They draw their inspiration from sculpture and fine art and take an editorial approach to color. All of their products are made in the US and are either recyclable or biodegradable. 


"If only you knew the magnificense of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe." - Nikola Tesla

David's candles are made & poured by hand entirely in California with Crystals, Stones, & Findings from around the world.

Interested in a commissioned piece by any of our artists?

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